Evropa Films

Evropa Films is a leading film production company dedicated to produce & service feature films, high end television, commercials, music videos in Bulgaria

Filming in Bulgaria

Filming in Bulgaria gives you complete freedom to achieve best quolity for your project and in the same time to make a significant savings in the budget.

Working with Us

Evropa Films has close relationships with the biggest film studio in Bulgaria and can offer you the best possible conditions for your next project.

History in foreign filmmaking

Only in the last ten years in Bulgaria were shot more than three hundred foreign film productions –  including 300 Rise of the Empire.

Our Clients Love Us

Evropa Films worked tirelessly to offer an outstanding level of service. “Jacqueline Quella”

"An exceptional team who really invited us in and completely blew our minds. One of the things i really appreciate about Evropa Films is that there is a really strong strategy already in place. - Caleb Slain

I recently worked alongside EVROPA FILMS on a challenging international TV series in Sofia. Their excellent production skills were as good as any I’d worked with worldwide over the last four decades and, as a result, the project completed on time and within budget.
I would highly recommend the Evropa production team to any Producer considering filming in any Eastern European state. - David Ball

− David Ball - Caleb Slain

"The ability of Evropa to find stunning locations which not only matched, but often times exceeded my expectations of the briefs provided to them was outstanding. Evropa's local knowledge is unrivalled and they ensured we had the best available crew members at our disposal. From local casting, to set building, to location logistics, to catering to local post production Evropa delivered. If I ever find myself shooting in Bulgaria again, without a doubt, Evropa would be my first port of call !"

− Joey Ansah

"Evropa Films worked tirelessly to offer an outstanding level of service, and despite an incredibly challenging shooting schedule, the shoot came in on schedule. Importantly, as 'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist' was shot on a very tight budget, Evropa kept production costs under a very tight rein. Evropa were a great partner to work with in Bulgaria, always willing, and capable of thinking 'outside the box' to address the inevitable problems that arise during a production. They were a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

− Jacky Quella
5 Main Reasons to Shoot in Bulgaria

Apparently there are more then five reason! But we thought that if five reason don`t make you see the advantages – then even a hundred won`t make a difference.

Reason №1

Absolutely the cost effective side of it, or as many producers love to call it: “Its cheeper”. Low film production costs – more then 50 % lower than Central European countries and significantly below those in Western Europe. Compare to the US and Canada the difference is in times.

Reason №2

Location wise we can offer full range of different locations that will fit into your story. Existing sets like New York, London and Ancient Rome. Lakes & River , mountains in half an hour drive will save you travel, accommodation and OT. And most importantly permissions and ability to shoot in Airports, Train stations, closing streets downtown Sofia  etc.

Reason №3

Extremely experience crew of professionals with huge experience in foreign productions. All english speaking. You can count on local Keys of Departments and avoid bringing Gaffers, Production Designers, Costume supervisors, Key make up artists etc. (in case you don`t have to.)

Reason №4

Most of the films have roughly about 60% Interiors vs 40 % Exteriors. If you decide to shoot only Interiors in Bulgaria it will easily reduce your budget in half. Or if your project has a huge amount of extras – then you can choose to film everything that involves crowds and save on significantly lower price of background actors.

Reason №5

You are fully covered in terms of equipment. If its a European production and an interesting project, then Evropa Films can easily step in as a co-producer as well. We have a long term established connections with other markets such as: Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Italy etc.

All seasons available! Long summer, snow during winter, beautiful spring and a little sad autumn.

Let’s take the next step and work together

Our dearly loved – film friendly Sofia town :)