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Evropa Films is a Media production company dedicated to servicing feature films, high end television, commercials, music videos, corporate films in Bulgaria and other Eastern European states. Our main goal over the last ten years has always been to establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients.
We are located in Sofia and our office is based at the Nu Boyana Film studio complex, Bulgaria’s well established international “one stop” movie centre, housing USA streets, London streets and Ancient Rome.
Whatever your requirements, be they large or small, Evropa Films, your Sofia production company, can and will meet them; we guarantee satisfaction because we’d love to see you again.
The Company works along side with the Nu Boyana Films studio and has a strong strategy already in place.

       Our Clients


Starting from New York set, going to London streets, Saint Paul square, Ancient Rome, Arabian neighbourhood: All at the territory of the studio. Various props and dressing from different periods can dress any existing set in no time. 24/7 Support from the studio.


Our database houses thousands of location photographs covering the spectrum of Interior and Exterior requirements; mountains, forests, rivers, skyscrapers, new and old architecture; it’s all at the studio or within a short drive. Facilities are modern and first class, embracing the latest in digital technology.


Nu Boyana Film Studio have 13 fully equipped sound stages surrounded by a 40,000 sq meters (about ten acres) of backlot standing sets built in the foothills of the spectacular Vitosha mountain. Each can be economically transformed to meet any production needs, often with existing resources – up to 95 per cent of any film, from period drama to sci-fi, can be shot right here on the studio lot.

Cost effective

Absolutely the cost effective side of it, or as many producers love to call it: “Its cheeper”. Low film production costs – more then 50 % lower than Central European countries and significantly below those in Western Europe. Compare to the US and Canada the difference is in times.


The VAT rate is 20% and applies to all purchases, rentals and services.A local VAT refund is guaranteed. We usually deal with the VAT refund for you!


Hotel rates starting from 30€ per night. Five star hotel with Evropa Films discount for just 65 Euro. Other quite convenient accommodation options for longer period of staying  such as apartment house starting from 45€.


Our crews are experienced, forward thinking, friendly and relaxed over working hours; even better, they are far more cost effective than Western European countries and the incoming Producer will reap the benefits of “locked costs”.

Filming in Bulgaria

Filming in Bulgaria gives you complete freedom to achieve best quolity for your project and in the same time to make a significant savings in the budget.

Why Evropa Films

Our team is very passionate with what we do. The Company works along side with the Nu Boyana films studio and has a strong strategy already in place.

5 reasons to choose Bulgaria

– Cost Effective – Sometimes in times !!!

– Locations

– Professional english speaking crew

– Permissions & Equipment

– All seasons available )

Peter Mechkoff

Producer +359 887935998

Valentine Dimitrov

Founder / Producer +359888544822

Millen Nickolov

UPM / Coordinator

David Ball

Associate Producer UK & Partner

Pavel Romanjuk

Associate Producer & Russian and Ukrainian market

Atanas Vulev

Location Manager

"I recently worked alongside EVROPA FILMS on a challenging international TV series in Sofia.
Their excellent production skills were as good as any I’d worked with worldwide over the last four decades and, as a result, the project completed on time and within budget.
I would highly recommend the Evropa production team to any Producer considering filming in any Eastern European state." - David Ball

“An exceptional team who really invited us in and completely blew our minds. One of the things I really appreciate about Evropa Films is that there is a really strong strategy already in place.” - Caleb Slain"

− David Ball , Caleb Slain

"Assassin's Fist Limited worked with Evropa Film as our production service provider and co-production partner on 'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist'. Evropa provided the full range of production services, including production management, location scouting, crew and local cast hire, costume manufacture, set build, prop sourcing, equipment hire, craft and payroll services. A particular challenge was the need for the team assembled in Bulgaria, by Evropa, to work with UK Heads of Department - language can always be a barrier - but the team assembled by Evropa worked flawlessly and language was never an issue.
Evropa worked tirelessly to offer an outstanding level of service, and despite an incredibly challenging shooting schedule, the shoot came in on schedule. Importantly, as 'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist' was shot on a very tight budget, Evropa kept production costs under a very tight rein.
Evropa were a great partner to work with in Bulgaria, always willing, and capable of thinking 'outside the box' to address the inevitable problems that arise during a production. They were a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

− Jacqueline Quella Producer