Street Fighter Assassin`s Fist

Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist was incredible fun after all. Done with a quite low budget we had to build two Japanese Dojo`s.  We found a great location which was literally 15 minutes drive from the studio and had 360 ° of green fields, hills and the mountain at the background. When the Japanese crew arrived they were astonished from the feel of Japan.

Building the Dojos took 6 weeks together with the dressing and the greenery. Greenery gave the final fragrant of Japan. The principal photography was scheduled for 6 weeks. We`ve shot few days the the Eyes of God cave one of the most famous and the most easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. Director Joey Ansah played the Akuma part with a heavy prosthetic make up. The biggest challenge for our team was that we have never played Street Fighter (the game) and it was hard to catch up in the beginning with the director`s passion who worked years on the script. After all we are all fans of Street Fighter now and looking forward for the next episodes Street Fighter World worrier. Producers David Ball and Jaqueline Quella – YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!

Director: Joey Ansah

Producers: David Ball, Jacqueline Quella, Peter Mechkoff